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Public Classes

The majority of our students are interested in the defensive application of firearms. Practical Edge understands that our students must first learn how to operate a firearm before they can learn how to effectively utilize their firearm for the protection of life.

Our training program separates these two important aspects of firearm use. Our 'Skill Based' classes specifically focus on increasing your skill and ability to shoot accurately and faster. Our 'Defensive Based' classes focus solely on the concepts and tactics of utilizing deadly force. We teach practical shooting, which is the ability to hit what you intend to hit with speed obtained through economy of motion, along with taking advantage of how the body naturally functions in dynamic environments.

Formatted Classes

"That was a very well laid out class, exceptional would by my word. The range drills and exercises from the basic level class at Practical Edge were better than what I've previously been exposed to."
Brian H.

"This is great, it's a cool feeling to receive instruction from someone who knows what their talking about."

Zack M.

   Basic Firearm Safety:

Basic Firearm Safety  
Classroom instruction on firearms safety and information to educate the student on gun ownership and firearm responsibility. The firearm topics covered include basic safety and handling, children, secure gun storage, suicide prevention, and information on State and Federal laws. Class includes time allotted for student questions.

This is a firearm safety course that meets the requirements of Washington law to purchase semi-auto rifles. Students will receive a certificate upon completion.

By initiative, the State of Washington has enacted new firearm laws that go into effect 2019. This creates many new regulation for the purchase and ownership of firearms. One of the regulation is that as of July 1, 2019 certification of basic firearm training must be provided to purchase a semi-auto rifle. The regualtions specify who can provide this training and what topics are covered.

We fully acknowledge and appreciate that the Initiative has been challenged through the courts and that the regulations of the law might change. We also acknowledge that the legal language is vague in areas leaving room for legal definition. Our training, that provides the certification to meet regulations, was devleoped with our best understanding of the language and requiremenst of the current law.

Tuition - Free

   Skill Based Training:

Practical Handgun (1 day) 
Class will introduce the student to our methodology towards shooting instruction and firearm safety procedures. Class serves as a base to build from for defensive firearms, recreation, and sport. Students will receive classroom and live fire instruction on the fundamentals of accuracy to include stance, grip, aiming, and trigger manipulation.

Student to Instructor ratio is formatted to provide personal attention to each student, and individual skill progression. Completion of Practical Handgun is required prior to attending other Practical Edge live fire shooting classes. Class is a full 8 hour training day.

Tuition - $250 / Minimum Round Count - 250 

Practical Handgun Advance (1-day)
Class is formatted to pick up where 'Practical Handgun' ends and advance your individual skill level. This is an intensive, high round count, handgun shooting skill development course. Covered in this training day is presentation from the holster, reloads, engaging multiple targets, and shooting while moving. You will be presented with several drills to utilize for improving your shooting skill. Class is an 8 hour training day with the majority of the time on the live fire range. Must have previously taken Practical Handgun.

Tuition - $250 / Minimum Round Count - 500

Defense Based Training:

Practical Defense:
This is a one day seminar presentation with the information that every gun owner should know. This class along with 'Practical Handgun' is required prior to taking any of the Practical Edge live fire defensive classes. Training will build the foundation in the use of a firearm to defend life. Topics covered include legal & moral issues, threat awareness, life priorities, equipment recommendations, and the realities of using a firearm for defense.

This is our lowest cost class as we strongly believe that this is information you must know.

Tuition - $150

Live Fire Defense Classes:
Our one day defensive classes each cover specific topics, tactics, and shooting skills as relative to class title. Practical Defense, Practical Handgun, and a current State concealed weapon permit are required prior to attending live fire defensive training.

Classes include:

  • Concealed Carry
  • Low Light Tactics & Shooting

Tuition - $250

AR-15 (2-day)
The Practical Edge student will transfer skills taught from handgun training to the AR15 rifle system. This is an intensive, high round count, shooting skill development course. Topics will include function, maintenance, current market trends, accessories, and shooting skill development. The majority of training time will be devoted to live fire instruction. Practical Defense, Practical Handgun, and a current State concealed weapon permit are required prior to attending.

Tuition - $450 / Minimum Round Count 1,000 AR-15 carbine

Detailed information on specific class, training, & registration will be provided upon contacting us. Tuition payment is required to confirm registration. Tuition payments accepted by cash, check, online web-store, or through secure E-billing through our Pay Pal account.

Private instruction is available to include classes formatted specifically for small groups. Tuition determined by location of training, facilities, and number of students.

Shooting Clubs, Associations, and Ranges
Practical Edge Shooting will conduct training at your facilities. We are capable of providing all training supplies to include targets and target systems. We can also provide multiple instructors to ensure that each student receives specific and personal attention. We offer incentives in the way of free training slots to those who host training.

We will need to speak with a responsible person from the hosting Club/ Range to access the skill level of those who will attend so we can provide specific training to your members. Our instructors have tactical backgrounds and are experienced competitive shooters. We can assist you in applying tactical and competitive skills to meet your training goals. Contact us to inquire about hosting training.

For more information about a particular class, class suggestions, or to schedule a class contact us at or contact our Training Coordinator at