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Law Enforcement

Firearm Training

Practical Edge Shooting instructors have extensive experience in training Law Enforcement Officers. The difference in our instruction is not our experience or training, but in our ability to transfer our knowledge of tactics and firearm skills to those we get to work with in a training environment.

For L.E. agencies that are within driving distance we are capable of providing all range related equipment to include target systems not traditionally used by L.E. trainers. Our trainers will create a dynamic shooting experience for your Officers where the skills transfer to safe weapon handling and effective use of deadly force on the street.

Tactical Firearm Skills Courses:

  • Tactical Skill Development, 1-3 days
  • Combat Handgun Instructor, 6 days
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor, 5 days
  • Instructor Development, 3 days

"The pointers and instruction that you gave regarding the economy of the draw stroke, seeing the threat, and the fundamentals of grip and stance were invaluable. Thank you for sharing your skills and abilities with us. You are an excellent instructor."

Community Corrections Specialist
Washington Department of Corrections
Firearm Instructor

Police Supervisor Training

Our instructor cadre includes trainers with leadership experience in supervisory and administrative assignments. Understanding the supervisor's role, we share our expertise in tactical response and resolution to prepare and empower the police supervisor to lead and make correct decisions during critical incidents.

Supervisor Level Course:

  • Supervisor Response to Critical Incidents, 2 days

Tactical Training

Our instructors have extensive tactical training, experience, and years of successfully training tactics to others.  Our tactical training starts with skill development of our students and guides them to applying those skills in a dynamic high stress environment.

If you are seeking tactical training please contact us. We will discuss your needs, capabilities, and resources then provided you with a training proposal outlining what we can provide.

Scheduling Training

For Agencies and Organizations wishing to have Practical Edge Shooting provide training, just contact us. We will provide a training proposal and will handle the majority of our logistical needs. Cost will be based on training location, number of students, and type of training conducted.

Agencies and Organizations can host training open to outside L.E. students. We will provide free training slots to the hosting agency. Tuition will be set based on a minimum number of students.

Our training programs are developed to be effective and produce results, where we do not get to pick which students take the ultimate test. We strive to provide tuition costs that are reasonable and competitive, however we do not sacrifice our level of training for the sake of securing a contract.

"I found the training day at the Washington State Tactical Officers Association's conference to be some of the best shooting training I have received in years. Thank you."

Deputy Sheriff
Clark County Sheriff's Office
SW Regional SWAT